The methodology for constructing sustainable real estate projects has been widely analyzed by the USGBC,and has created the lead certification which regulates all aspects of the building and its surroundings in order to reduce its environmental footprint throughout the building’s life cycle. This is the most widely used and recognized environmental certification for green building practices in the world.

A building which achieves lead certification reduces its operation costs and construction waste generated, while increasing its interior air quality and occupant comfort. cgc has participated in more than 5 lead projects in Mexico, one of which has already achieved lead Silver certification.



The world of golf has had a great variety of environmental certifications with varying levels of environmental quality and certification criteria. The geo certification process is the first one to combine knowledge from scientists around the world to create a program which demands high environmental quality and takes into consideration regional characteristics to award certification status.

The geo program has obtained the approval from international environmental organizations such as unep and wwf for its scientific approach to sustainability. Some of the world’s most famous golf courses, such as St. Andrews, have been certified and cgc has participated in the certification of the first three golf courses in Latin America.